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Dear Mr/Ms.
We would like to introduce ourselves as a premier travel and tour company in Sikkim. Specialising in customized tour packages & Adventure travel.
As you know travelling helps in broadening our minds. Visiting new place, meeting new people and experiencing new culture and traditions help in an individual's mental growth and development. A change in daily routine is very essential for one's energy level.

So, at HIMALAYAN PLANET Travel and Tour we help you to enjoy life at leisurely pace. We help you to travel at your pace and at your whim. As a registered and a recognised agency vide serial no 279. Registered no. 279/TD/E/11/TA Volume no.1 by Sikkim tourism department, we believe in providing the best of service at your time, convenience and leisure-something unmatched.

Come to Us with Your Dream Tour and See Us Fulfill Your Dream.
We at HIMALAYAN PLANET Travel and Tour help you fulfill dream with thrills.
For further details about our company's various packages see our website on the net.

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