Pelling:  Situated at an altitude of 6800ft includes the Mountain namely Koktang, Kumbhakarna, Rathong, Kabur, Dom, Khangchendzonga, Pandim, Jopuno, Simvo, Narsing, Sinoulchu and others. Pelling is an ideal get away for tourists as its vchicinity has numerous waterfalls, soft trek, villages and soothing atmosphere for all discerning. Its 125km. from Gangtok.


Kecheopalri lake: The wishful lake situated is situated at a distance 25km from Pelling, it is considered to be one of the sacred lake of the state both by Hindus and the Buddhist. The Lake remains hidden under the rich forest cover. The birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the lake surface. For those interested in spending a night or two in the peaceful environment, a trekker  hut is available. There is also a Pilgrim Hut.  Its 153km. from Gangtok.


Pemayangtse monastery: The chef monastery of Nyingmapa sect and it is one of the oldest monasteries of the Sikkim. Originally established by Lhatsun Chempo, one of the revered Lamas to have performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal (Religious Monarch) of Sikkim. This ancient monastery belonging to the Nyingma sect has been considered as one of the premier monasteries in the state. It has been entrusted with the task to perform all religious functions of the earstwhile monarch. Originally, it was established as a high class monastery for  Pure Monks (Tasang). Inside the monastery there is a wooden structure depicting the Maha Guru  heavenly palace (Sang-tok-palr), which is considered a masterpiece created by Late Dungzin Rimpoche. The monastery, located on a hill top at an altitude of 3000ft commands a magnificent panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, the surrounding hills and the country side. A well furnished PWD guest house is located just across the Monastery on a small hill top.  Its 120km. from Gangtok.


Yuksum/Norbugang: Yuksum the first capital of Sikkim, where according to the historical records, The meeting place of three Lamas. First chyogyal was consecrated here in 1642 A.D. The evidence of the consecration ceremony is still intact at Norbugang Chorten in the form of stone seats and a foot print of the Head Lama on a stone.


Tashiding monastery: The great sacred, cleansthe sins of pilgrimage. This monastery is located on top of a heart shaped hill with the back drop of the sacred Mt.Khang-Chen-Dzonga. Every year, on 14th & 15th day of the first Lunar month, the Bhumchu Ceremony is organized with devotees coming from far and near to get the blessing of the holy water. The sacred holy water is officially sealed for safety by the Lamas of the monastery.


Khangchendzonga waterfalls: The beautiful waterfall after an hour and a half drive from Pelling, one comes across Khangchendzonga twin waterfalls. On the way to Yuksom, it is a place not to be missed by the tourists for its breathtaking beauty and grandeur.


Kartok Lake: The lake near Yuksom.


Fambrong Cemetry: The cemetery and relics of Mun Solong. Its 45km frm Gayzing.


Fambrong falls: The falls or bathpool of Mun Solong. Its 45km form Gayzing.

Dubdi monastery: The oldest monastery of Sikkim established soon after the consecration ceremony ot the first Chogyal. The monastery is located on a hill top above Yuksom surrounded by verdant forest. It can be approached by trekking only, negotiating steep slope for about half an hour. It is an ideal place for lamas seeking medition recluse. Its  35 km from Pelling.

Changey waterfalls: This waterfall situated at an altitude of 5000ft and one of the beautiful in West Sikkim on the way to Uttarey from Pelling. This waterfall has become one of the important tourist destination for visitors. The fall flow down from Ranidhunga through Chhangay village. This village is surrounded by Chhangay, Sapun and Bongten villages. The extreme white of the fall actually looks like a long white mark on the green background of forest, if seen from the distance, a breath taking sight for the visitors. Its 10km from Pelling.

Singshore bridge: On of the height bridge in Sikkim, with a span of 198m and 220m in depth, located in the mid-way to Uttarey from Dentam, SHINGSHORE BRIDGE is the SECOND HIGHEST SUSPENSION BRIDGE in Asia, and the first of its kind in Sikkim, this has been unique and a new tourist destination, which connects the two beautiful villages where homestay facilities are village Home stay in the North. Its   25km from pelling.

Phurchachu & Resi chachu: The polar chachu of west Sikkim.  Its   25km from pelling.

Rabdentntse Palace Ruins: The ruined palace of Namgyal Dynasty, which was the second capital of the erstwhile Kingdom after Yuksom and till the year 1814 A.D, the king of Sikkim ruled from this place. Today the ruins lie hidden from the main road at a walking distance from the Pemayangtse Monastery. The scenic view from the top of the ruins scanning across the valley to the mystic heights of Khang-Chen-Dzonga range is something to be cherished and etched in memory.  Its 7km from Gayzing.

Rinchenpong (Thapgey Kung)-Kuluk: The (The Nying dah) poisonous lake & the old trench, Bunker of Lepcha confronted with British army. Situated at an altitude of 1700meters. One can also trek to Jhandi Dara\Melanpso, a rich forest area known to be the home of various species of wild animals and birds. Decent accommodation is available at kaluk and Rinchenpong. A night spent in an old British Guest House or a newly built resort could be a memorial experience.  Its 7km from Gayzing.

Chyang monastery: Built by yupthing the brother of chongzot block.

Bum sugor: The holy place of Hidden treasure of fure telling book etc.

Chewabhayang pass (10,300ft.): This pass is also one of the important and popular pass in the Indo-Nepal broder. The name Chewabhayang Pass is taken old name Cheewa-Fangzong which means a peeping valley in the local limboo language. It lies in the Indo-Nepal border pass, a famous trade route connecting many vaillages of remote and extreme western part of Sikkim in India with the remote and extreme eastern part of Nepal.

Limboo Cultural Centre Thurpu: It was inaugurated on August 23rd 2003. Every year on these day, a function depiciting the rich culture and heritage of various communities is organized. This centre house a hall, a museum and a library . facilities provided are bring further upgraded.

Jureli Danra Viewpoint: Located between Daramdin and Hilley, this recently developed tourist spot provides a panoramic view of Daramdin valley and a large number of mountain ranges. Excellent accommodation is is available both at viewpoint building and Forest Guest house at Anden.

Uttarey valley  (7,600ft): Five hour drive from Gangtok . located on the top of the Singhalilla range, Phoktey Dara and Neydham, Uttarey is small but beautiful and a virgin paradise on earth set amidst the pristine valley. It is surrounded by hilltops, waterfalls, frothing rivers, evergreen forests, medicinal herbs and mountains hamlets. Apart from hotels and resorts it has three beautiful homestay village for natural lovers, trekkers, adventure and culture heritage seekers adorned with their respective languages, custom, tradition, culture, wellness and different food habits.




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